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This 2024, thanks to Auckland Foundation we are able to support new settlers from Afghanistan and asylum-seekers needing urgent support to gain independence, increase employability and achieve successful resettlement in Aoteroa. Our social enterprise is made possible by the initiatives and the generous trust of our key community partners and supporters.

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On December 2017, The PETER Collective,a group of organisations working together to improve education, training and employment readiness in Puketapapa, NZ’s most diverse community,  launched the Puketapapa Community Driving School (PCDS) to address the high number of enquiries for driver licensing support, especially for job-seekers.

The PETER collective invested $9,300 on marketing support for Puketapapa Community Driving School for its 3-year sustainability plan. This was used for the initial over-all branding and production of collaterals of the social-enterprise. Most recently, part of it was used towards the branding of the second dual-control practive car.

Proudly Sponsored and Supported by


Ministry of Social Development

Helping community service providers strengthen their goals.

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Plays a central role in shaping and delivering a strong community. 

Community Organisation Grants Scheme

 Community Organisation Grants Scheme (COGS) Auckland are primary contributors for ongoing PCDS Enterprise Development.

The Catholic Caring Foundation

Providing care and support for families and communities who struggle with the effects of poverty and hardship.

ANZ Staff Foundation 

Supports our goals to provide opportunities for all New Zealanderts to prepare for meaningful work, and achieve economic and social independence. Driving simulator and start up lessons for refugee background learners are funded 

SkyCity Auckland Community Trust

 Thanks to SkyCity Auckland Community Trust, we supported over 100 rangatahi to get their license to boost employability, increase road safety, independence, and well-being for the whole whanau



Major Supporters

The Migrant Action Trust (MAT) was established in January 2003, during a period of high unemployment and underemployment, particularly for migrants and refugees. At that time, ethnic migrants faced barriers to employment including lack of local work experience, unrecognised overseas qualification, poor English skills, among others.

As a member of The PETER Collective, it took on the lead role in managing and running the social enterprise for over two years now. MAT’s facilities and services are run by migrants for migrants, who best understand how difficult immigration based on their own experience. It has a strategic position to deliver and develop the enterprise goals.

The UMMA Trust provides social and community services for refugee and migrant communities with a specific focus on the wellbeing on Muslim women, children and families who are socially and economically disadvantaged. Most of the women learners supported by Puketapapa Community Driving School are referred by the UMMA Trust for a subsidised driver training.

“Two years ago, our research identified only two women from a survey of 60, who had full driving licences. This year, fifty-three former refugee women moved from Learner Licences to the Restricted Licence programme at Puketepapa Community Driving School,” says Anne Lee, Manager of The UMMA Trust. Read more here. 

The Aunties cater to women’s specific needs, and they get what they need/want when they need/want it, especially to provide whanau support to victims of domestic violence.

Since September 2018, the Aunties pledged to give a monthly donation towards petrol cost for driving lessons for refugee-background women learners needing urgent support to get a driver licence.

In 2019 Akina supported PCDS through the series of marketing workshops for enterprise development through the marketing experts at GoodSense. 

The Rule Education Trust delivers free community classes on the New Zealand Road Code. Student learners needing practical driving sessions are referred for the PCDS driving programme.

PCDS received a grant from the Auckland Foundation Women’s Fund towards the training of a female mentor to be a qualified instructor for many refugee-background learners who preferred a female instructor.  Read it here.

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