Celebration of our 4th year Anniversary

Written by Amie Maga

Empowering Lives of our Diverse Communities, One Driver Licence at a Time

On its 4th year, a community driving school operated by the Migrant Action Trust in collaboration with local community groups through The PETER Collective is empowering the lives of our diverse communities, one driver licence at a time. 

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WarCry by The Salvation Army by Bethany Slaughter, The Salvation Army Reporter

Written by CTTO Admin

Migrant Action Trust Finds New Home at Mt Albert Corps

The Mt Albert Corps building in Auckland—and its car park— are now home to the Puketapapa Community Driving School, operated by Migrant Action Trust.

Migrant Action Trust’s core mission is to help migrants and former refugees find work and belonging in Aotearoa through services such as job interview workshops, cover letter writing assistance and driver education.

The driving school was launched three and a half years ago. It provides lessons to full-paying customers, and this income is paid forward to fund lessons for former refugees to attain their driver licences, which is often an early hurdle to gaining employment.

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