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  • Why choose Puketapapa Community Driving School?+

  • What will my donation to Puketapapa Community Driving School go towards?+

  • Where do I go once I’ve booked my driving lesson?+

  • I don’t have a car – can you provide one?+

  • Can I use my car during the lesson?+

    Can I pick an instructor to teach me?+

  • I changed my mind about a booking – how can I reschedule?+

  • How can I cancel a booking?+

  • I paid for a driving lesson but forgot to show up – can I get a refund?+

  • I don’t have a licence yet – can I still attend a practical driving lesson?+

  • Can we proceed with the lesson if I forgot my licence, but I have photo of my licence on my mobile phone?+

  • Do you provide subsidised driving lessons?+

  • Can the instructor pick me up and drop me off from my home at the end of lesson?+

    We do not offer pick up or drop off service due to our back-to-back booking system. All driving sessions starts and ends at the carpark of Wesley Community Center 740 Sandringham Road Extn, Mt Roskill. 

  • Do you offer language support?+

  • Are the driving lessons only available to youth, women, migrants, and refugees?+

  • After the driving lessons, can I get a copy of my Driving Assessment?+

  • How can I volunteer to Puketapapa Community Driving School?+

Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

The Puketapapa Community Driving School considers the protection of privacy to be of great importance, and we are committed to providing you with services that meet your needs and protects your privacy in accordance with the Privacy Act 2020.
The following policy explains how the PCDS collects, uses, stores, and shares your personal information.

Collection of information

Personal information is only collected when knowingly and voluntarily submitted. We may collect personal information from you in a few ways. This includes when you:

  • When you sign up for one of our services
  • When you make an enquiry to us

Collected personal information includes:

  • Driver Licence details
  • Contact details
Use of information

We may use your personal information for several purposes, including:

  • Providing you with our services you have requested
  • Responding to enquiries made by you

We will not disclose your personal information to parties who do not need it for the purposes described in this policy.

Disclosure of information

We may disclose your personal information to other parties where required by law.

Protection of information

We keep your information safe by storing it in a secured database and only allowing certain staff to access it. Collected information is only kept for as long as it is needed to fulfil its purpose, at which point we securely dispose of it.

Access to personal information

You have the right to access and correct personal information held by us. You can do this by contacting the PCDS at or by phone at 022-473-0284.


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The PCDS uses cookies to allow it to personalise the website to meet your requirements. If you do not wish to receive a cookie, then you must set your web browser to reject or deny it. However, if cookies are turned off it will disable some of the functionality of the website.

Website terms of use

  • Puketāpapa Community Driving School (PCDS) Website terms of use+

  • Use of this website+

  • Data protection and privacy+

  • Content on other websites+

  • Liability+

  • Changes to the terms+

Voucher terms of use

The following terms apply when using a driving lesson voucher with us.
  • Vouchers are redeemable when the code is entered into the PCDS website upon checkout.
  • Vouchers cannot be exchanged in part nor in full for cash.
  • Vouchers are valid for two years, from the date of issue. Or as prescribed in the promotional validity period.
  • Lost vouchers will not be reissued.

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