Instructors at Puketapapa Community Driving School

Driving School Instructor Rina Capila

Rina Capila


Rina joined the team of community driver mentors to help supplement the on-road driving practice of former refugees and fellow migrants clients. Now, she is one of the latest addition to PCDS team of qualified instructors.

Driving School Instructor Peter Zong

Peter Zong


Peter has been helping family and friends to learn to drive for over 25 years now. He became a qualified instructor a few years ago then joined PCDS team since 2018. Peter is available to conduct driving lessons and mock tests for learner drivers in West / Central Auckland as well as in North Shore where he has supported a good number of student drivers in Glenfield, Albany, Silverdale test areas.

Driving School Instructor Shaila Bhatt

Shaila Bhatt


Shaila is a qualified instructor with her own driving school who wants to support our community driving school at the same time. Shaila’s experiences as a former migrant encouraged her to get educated in driving as a way to help the community and get involved in PCDS. As a former staff member at Migrant Action Trust, Shaila understands the need to address cultural and language barriers for some migrants who are learning how to drive.

Driving School Instructor Athena Lee

Athena Lee


Our newest Instructor, Athena Lee, can speak Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese. Athena started as a volunteer mentor for our community members during the second lockdown in 2020 and became more determined to help as many as she can with the I endorsement.

Driving School Instructor Ross Hunt

Ross Hunt


Ross has 7 years in law enforcement and has been a driver testing officer for 10 years for NZDL and VTNZ. As one of our volunteers supporting the Open Road Refugee Driver Training Programme, Ross is also currently helping with driving assessment for PCDS learners preparing for restricted and full tests.

Driving School Instructor Ye Aung

Ye Aung


Ye has been in the motor industry for over 10 years and recently became a qualified driving instructor. "Driving is my passion and being an instructor is a great opportunity for me to give back to the community. I understand how important driving is for most people in their daily routines."

Driving School Instructor Rex Leota

Rex Leota

Rex joined our team of instructors after the first Covid-19 lockdown. His parents were immigrants so he understood the importance of getting a driver licence and getting language support to successfully settle in Aotearoa. He saw the PCDS story on TVNZ Breakfast and thought of joining the PCDS team as a great way of giving back to the community and we agree so Rex is currently helping with driving lessons for PCDS learners and preparing for restricted and full tests.

Driving School Instructor Susan Matencio

Susan Matencio


Susan was motivated to be a qualified driving instructor to help new migrants and former refugees.
“I saw a lot of mothers with their children walking during winter and I know how hard it is. It’s also difficult for them to find a job if they cannot drive. Learners whom I trained gave me so much pride and joy. The happiness of being hugged by teary-eyed learners after passing their test is priceless.”

Driving School Instructor Joey Villa-Ignacio

Joey Villa-Ignacio


As a former testing officer, Joey is a huge asset to our team especially for those who wish to sit mock test before their restricted or full license tests. Joey has trained around 20 volunteer driver mentors to support learner drivers.

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