Sharing the road with cyclists

When driving, you will also share the road with cyclists who ride in cycle lanes or to the left of the road when no cycle lanes are present. Cyclists are often more vulnerable than other road users as they are less protected. This means you must be alert and drive carefully when near them.

Things to do

  • Slow down when near cyclists, and give at least 1.5 metres of space between vehicle and cyclist when passing.
  • Stay alert when near cyclist and keep an eye out for when they indicate to turn.
  • Double check blindspots when turning as cyclists may be hard to spot.
  • Indicate clearly and early when turning or stopping.
  • Check rearview and side mirrors when opening car door, especially when parked on roadside.

Things to not do

  • Drive fast to pass cyclists, especially a group of cyclists. Be patient and wait until it is safe to pass.
  • Do not block or stop on a cycle lane or advance stop box. These are designated safe places for cyclists.
  • Do not drive on a cycle lane unless turning, and make sure to check blind spots!
  • Do not follow too close behind cyclists. Give adequate following space of at least 1.5 metres.

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