Our sustainable footprint is creating ripples in the community — one driving lesson at a time

On its third year, the Puketāpapa Community Driving School continuously delivers quality and supportive environment to Aucklanders and new Kiwis prepare for the NZ driving licence test. See our power in numbers. Together, we can achieve more.

Our Power in Numbers

* As of end of Sept 2020

Enrolled Students
 24% subsidised

1 Hrs

Fully-paid & Subsidised practical driving sessions

206 overall
licence passers
since PCDS started in December 2017

Former Refugee


Our Passers on Spotlight

Behrouz R. C-F
Sina L. C-F
Sophy K. L-R
Firozeh Z. C-F
Adeam D. L-R
Amna L-R
Saba Y. L-R
Salmah R. C-F
Dagmawi Z. L-R


Our Passers on Spotlight

Ravikanth V. C-F
Connie F. C-F
Khin Kyaw W. R-F
Santoshi N. C-F
Thdah W. L-R
Summer N. L-R
Braymon R. C-F
Harrison L. L-R
Veronica H. L-R
Amy K. L-R
Nancy Z. L-R
Albert J. C-F
Santos A. L-R


Our Passers on Spotlight

Emily L-R
Lulu L-R
Arland C-F
Hasawa Jayawerdena C-F
Amie M. L-R
Obedi L-R
Margaret C-F
Thea L-R
Jaen L-R
Tizita L-R

case studies

Take a peek inside our world

pcds graduate -
Obedi K.

Obedi had an evening job so he was determined to get a licence. Soon after passing the theory test, he booked for 14 practice sessions with mentors George and Nick then he had two mock tests with instructor Joey. He passed the restricted test on his first try in August 2018. Then he came back for a few more lessons to prepare for the full test in June 2019. 

PCDS graduate -
Hakim A.

Hakim had 6 practice sessions with mentor Anup and mock test with instructor Joey for his restricted test in 2018. In 2019 he had extra practice sessions and mock tests with instructors Shaila and Joey through the Open Road Refugee Driver Training Programme to prepare for his full test. 

“I was ecstatic when I passed the test! I want to thank the instructors and mentors for their patience and understanding. Before I got my full licence, my family and I couldn’t stay out past 10pm as I had to follow the restricted licence’s conditions. When we were out at night, I constantly looked at my watch whether it’s turned 9pm yet to get off the road by 10pm. Now that I got my full licence, we can now attend gatherings with friends and stay late night until the event is over. Thank you to the PCDS staff for everything you’ve done for me as well. Really appreciated.” 


Fatuma had one driving assessment with instructor Shaila, eight practice sessions and three mock tests with instructors Shaila and Susan.  

“I came to New Zealand on May 2013 with my family. We were very glad and welcomed when we came here. So I did my learners test in 2014 February and I passed. I did my first restricted test on June 2015 and I failed. Then I decided to take lessons form AA and A1 driving schools. And I decided to take another test and I failed. So I Failed 7 times on my other tests that I did afterwards. I then found out about PCDS. I then met MISS Aime and I took lessons from PCDS on January 2019 and then I did more practice to get more confidence. On October I took 5 more lessons with a mock test and I believed in myself and having more confidence. I tried to correct lots of my previous mistakes. I was fighting my inner instincts that I can do it and to overcome my fears. Finally the day of my test came and I was so pumped. I then was gladly happy when I was told that I PASSED MY TEST. I am happy that I took lessons from PCDS and I would advise other migrants like me to take driving lessons from PCDS. They have the best qualified instructors. And lastly just believe in yourself and go for it and that’s it’s ok to make mistakes it doesn’t make you a failure but it’s make you a fighter and I’m happy that we got a strong community that’s together thanks again.” 

PCDS Graduate - Roshan A.

Roshan had eight PCDS driving sessions including a driving assessment with instructor Shaila, fice practice sessions with mentor Trevor, a mock test, and an extra lesson with instructor Joey.
“Getting a licence is important for me mainly for my job and for day-to-day life because we need to walk 45 minutes to reach the shop. To save money for car and driving test, I applied for different jobs. I got declined many times because I don’t have licence and work experience. My mum is diabetic so she can’t wait too long so I decided to get a licence as soon as possible. After two months I got a job in Meadowland but I live in Mt Roskill so I need to catch 3 buses to get there. 

Thank you to all the mentors who supported and prepared me to get my overseas licence converted to NZ full licence. My success belongs to you because I drove very badly before but now I’m a good driver and passed the full licence test on first try. Thank you so much Puketapapa Community Driving School for helping a lot of people like me.”

PCDS Graduate - LULU.S.

Lulu had zero driving experience. She had 11 driving lessons with instructor Peter and one mock test with instructor Shaila
“I was determined to get my driver’s licence but it did not happen because there was no Road Code teaching at the Mangere Refugee Resettlement Centre. I still had a chance while I was in Auckland but I was busy at Starship Children’s Hospital because of my youngest daughter’s medical condition. I had to stay with her in the hospital for nearly a month. I had to juggle my time when I was chosen for an 8 week basic computer training which I did not want to miss.
Before I got my learner’s licence I was offered a car by a gentleman who had to go to a rest home because of his health. He wanted to give his car to a refugee and I was given the car through the Tenancy Manager.
I got help from Uncle Patrick to check the car and also to teach me the Road Code in Burmese. I had to do the lessons while I was in hospital and sometimes at home when my daughter was discharged. I managed that because I was given a day and night nurse. So while the nurse was looking after my child I did my lessons. When I was ready I sat the theory test and passed. I had the car before I got my learner’s license. I desperately needed to learn to drive to stop relying on other people to get to hospital and back home.
I had never driven a car before. With the help of Uncle Patrick I managed to enroll myself with Puketapapa Community Driving School in Sandringham for a 12 hour driving course. I gave all my effort and completed the driving training. I did a mock test and was a bit nervous. I put all that aside and continued to practice driving. Uncle Patrick also took me for a test drive and he assured me that I could do the practical test.
I booked the practical test at VTNZ in New Lynn and did the practical test on 16th August 2018. Uncle Patrick gave me some hints before the test. After the test, the testing officer told me that I could only make two mistakes. He showed me the first two mistakes which were the ones Uncle Patrick had told me to look out for. He asked me if I wanted to see the third mistake. I was trembling. Uncle Patrick who was clutching my shoulder told me he could feel her trembling. The third mistake was a “PASS” and not a mistake. I broke down in tears. I was so happy that I made it in one attempt.”