We have Give a Little page as Migrant Action Trust is going Twenty!!! $20 (or more) each will go a long way. Thank you for helping us.

Learn to drive with PCDS 

At Puketapapa Community Driving School, we have services to fit the needs of driving students at the learner, restricted, overseas, and full license levels. For every $75 worth of practical driving sessions, $5-10 of the profits go to our monthly revolving subsidy. With this subsidy, we can teach student drivers and train mentors, but most importantly, we can assist in urgent cases of driver training in the community.

What You Get

Qualified Driving Instructors, Dual-Control Practice Cars, Former Test Officers, Language Support, Test-Day Support

What help We provide

Qualified Multilingual Driving Mentors, Culturally-Appropriate Lessons, Test-Day Supervisors, Language Support Volunteers

What the community Gains

Confident and Competent Drivers, Safer NZ Roads, Achievement Unlocked, Freedom to Explore, Job Opportunities

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Convert Your Overseas Licence

Let us help you covert your international licence, or pass your New Zealand Driving Tests. Learn more about the different licences below:

Learner Licence

Getting your Learner Licence is the first step to getting your driver licence in New Zealand.

Restricted Licence

To get your Restricted Licence, you will need to pass a practical driving test to show you are able to follow road rules and drive safely.

Full Licence

Find out what it takes to get your full licence in NZ with our easy to follow guide.

Work with Us

The success of PCDS relies on volunteers like you. Access our volunteer sign up form here. Alternatively, email us at info@pcds.co.nz with your expression of interest.

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About Us

Puketapapa Community Driving School is a full-service, community-owned social enterprise. It was established in 2017 by the PETER Collective, a group of local organisations working together in Puketapapa to improve education, training, and employment outcomes.

Migrant Action Trust (MAT) became the lead organisation managing the community driving school, alongside partners RULE Education, UMMA Trust, Wesley Community Centre, and Aotearoa Resettled Community Coalition (ARCC).

At Puketapapa Community Driving School, we are dedicated to making driver training and simulated testing more accessible and affordable for youth, women, migrants, and former refugees. We continuously explore and develop our company’s operational capacity to cater to the 200 on the waitlist in becoming confident and safer drivers around the community.

“Ehara taku toa, he takitahi, he toa takitini” “My success should not be bestowed onto me alone, as it was not individual success, but success of a collective” He whakatauki. Maori proverb.

The PETER Collective

On December 2017, The PETER Collective, a group of organisations working together...

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Todd Foundation

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Foundation North

Supporting activities to increase social inclusion and meaningful participation by diverse communities...

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JR McKenzie Trust

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Puketapapa Local Board

Primary contributors for ongoing PCDS Enterprise Development..

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Our Community Partners

Our social enterprise is made possible by the initiatives and the generous trust of our key community partners and supporters.

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