Practical Driving Session – 1 Hour




Know the rules, learn to drive, and gain confidence on the road. If you are a complete beginner in driving, just passed your theory test, or has not been driving for quite a while? Start right with a DRIVING LESSON

Have been practising for a while and keen to know where you are at? Check your skills with a DRIVING ASSESSMENT.

Ready to take on the practical driving part of the license test? Already booked your test date and keen to know for a test run? Perform better in different test conditions by choosing a MOCK TEST. 

What can you expect?

First 5-10 minutes of your session involves discussing your goals and what you can expect from one hour, depending on the information you supplied. 45 minutes will be on the road – form quiet streets to the main roads progressing as the instructor talks you through the tasks fit from your road rules knowledge, performance, confidence level and headspace. The last 5-10 minutes are dedicated to providing insights and the next session agenda.

What is expected of you? 

Always bring your driver licence with you. Make sure it is current and follow the conditions stated at the back. Come in good health, focused and respectful at all times. Be prepared — review the driving topic beforehand and refer to the NZ road code. Driving is a habit, so take every opportunity you can get to practise what you’ve learned from the qualified instructors in between lessons. For those with learners licence, NZTA recommends 120 hours of driving practice – professionally or not.