COVID-19 Updates: Play it Safe at Alert Level 2

Have you booked your lessons yet? Driving sessions will start on 18 May by appointment.

Migrant Action Trust opens its doors to all visitors with Health and SAfety policy in place.  

A table and some chairs will be set up near the main door of MAT. We kindly request everyone to:  

  • Log in at the guest book for contact tracing purposes. For those who have mobile phones, another way to check-in is through by noting Migrant Action Trust as location.  
  • Wash hands with soap or sanitise your hand regularly for at least 20 seconds and dry thoroughly.
  • Do not touch your face. Even while wearing a mask, sneeze/cough into the crook of your elbow.
  • Do not share food and drink. Do not handshake/hug.
  • Stay at home if having a cold/flu symptoms.  

Travel & Transport During Alert Level 3

As we move to Alert Level 3 on Tuesday, the driver licensing and our community driving school will remain close. Our movements for the coming two weeks will be crucial in determining our readiness for regular operations in Alert Level 2. Continue to choose the community. Keep the travel local and maintain safe and practice frequent and correct hand washing. For more information, check out this link from the Ministry of Transport.

There are translated advisories available in the official COVID-19 government website.

COVID-19: PCDS Services on Alert Level 3

COVID-19: PCDS on Alert Level 3

20 April, Monday – the government announced that New Zealand is moving to Alert Level 3 on 27 April 11:59 pm. What does it mean to our Puketapapa Community Driving School services? According to, driver licensing will not happen until Alert Level 2.  Thus, the team will still be working remotely and continue on creating opportunities to provide alternatives for our learners ie access our monthly NZ road code refresher and practical driving test tips, and Migrant Action Trust’s job support programme. Click on the images to register. Until Alert Level 2, see you all online. 

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Win a Driving Lesson Voucher

One lucky FB Live attendee will win a PCDS driving lesson voucher by simply participating in our Facebook Live discussion on 23 April, 7 pm. Tune in and see you online!

Click on the image above to direct you to the PCDS Facebook Event page.

Have you got questions? Post it during the live streaming on the comment section or send us a private message on Facebook. We also welcome your queries, suggestions and comments before our live chat so we can prepare the right answer and visual aid for the explanation.

NZ Road Code Online Discussion is FB live on 23 April 7 pm

The April Refresher Course is now online!



One lucky FB Live participant to win one-hour driving session or mock test!

Susan Matencio, our PCDS driving instructor & FB live host on 23 April, will discuss tips on how to pass the NZ practical driving test and the relevant road rules broken in critical errors. 

Feel free to share our event page to someone who would benefit from the discussion. Save the date and tune in!

COVID-19: PCDS Services suspended until further notice

We are temporarily suspending all driving school services effective tomorrow following Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s announcement of raising the threat level status to Alert Level 3 requiring all non-essential services to close. This is effective immediately and will resume until further notice.

For the safety of the instructor and student, we are postponing all appointments in possibly three to four weeks. As soon as the situation allows and the health clearances are provided, the team will do their best to accommodate all reschedules.

For now, let us all stay home. Choose to protect the community to protect each other from COVID-19. Kia Kaha.

COVID-19 : Choose to keep the community safe

The Puketapapa Community Driving School has taken measures to keep the services still open until we are at Alert Level 3. Pre-lesson inductions are in place and all lessons with our Senior Driving Instructors and Mentors are on hold.
Let’s do our part to protect each other and the community. Use good hand washing practices and keep the distance as much as possible. 
Stay home & notify the Ministry of Health through 0800 358 5453 if you have flu-like symptoms, been overseas for the last 14 days, or in contact with suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19. Keep updated with the latest news at
If you have questions or want to reschedule, email us at

PCDS featured in RNZ

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Amie Maga, Trust Manager for Migrant Action Trust and Project Manager for Puketapapa Community Driving School, appeals for an additional practice car. Read on one of our featured programme graduates, Islam Khalelo, with PCDS driving instructor, Susan, as they share their experience with PCDS.

COVID-19 Advisory


Driving lessons for healthy learner drivers with healthy instructors and mentors at Puketapapa Community Driving School (PCDS) will continue with the following protocols and extra precautions in place:

  1. A day before the driving lesson, all learners will be interviewed by PCDS staff about travel history, if they have any symptoms and close contact with other people who have symptoms and have travelled from a high-risk region. Learners will be advised NOT TO BOOK lessons if unwell. 
  2. All learners and instructors must wash their hands before getting into the car. 
  3. All learners must disinfect the car key and direct contact points: steering wheel, gear stick, indicators, door handles, window and mirror buttons, fuel caps and bonnet catches before and after each lesson.    
  4. A window will be kept open for ventilation during driving lessons.   
  5. Ensure proper disposal of wipes, tissues and other cleaning materials at the end of each session.  
  6. When refuelling, use disposable gloves. 

If a learner driver shows symptoms during training i.e. fever, coughing, shortness of breath and breathing difficulties, notify the Ministry of Health through 0800 358 5453 and arrange for a coronavirus test as soon as possible, and self-isolate for 14 days.