Are ready for your practical driving test?

Many drivers who fail their practical tests often make the same mistakes. These are known as common critical errors and tend to be bad driving habits that you pick up as you practice to drive more. 

During your practical driving test, you need to avoid making these common critical errors. These errors do not result in an immediate fail but can have an impact on the outcome of the test. If you make more than one critical error in Stage 1 of your Restricted Licence test, or more than 2 critical errors in the whole test, you will fail the test.


Critical errors include:

  Driving too slow – 10km or more under the speed limit in good conditions

  Driving too fast – 5km over the speed limit (but less than 10km over the speed limit)

  Mounting the curb – this can happen when turning or parking

  Not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign

  Failing to check for traffic in mirrors and blindspots when necessary

  Failing to indicate for at least 3 seconds when turning, changing lanes, merging, and in a roundabout

  Blocking a pedestrian crossing

  Driving on the wrong side of the road or cutting corners

  Using the wrong lane when turning or not staying in your lane

  Following too close behind another vehicle

Failing to stop completely at a Stop sign
Blocking a pedestrian crossing
Following too close behind another vehicle

At Puketāpapa Community Driving School, we can help you to prepare for your practical driving with a mock driving test. Our experienced driving instructors will provide helpful feedback and let you know if you are ready for your test.

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