NZ Roadcode

A 2.5 hour session to review NZ road rules. Ideal for those who are preparing to convert their overseas licence to a full New Zealand drivers licence.


Driving Lesson

Acquire different levels of driving skills in a supportive and patient environment with our qualified driving instructors and trained driving mentors.


Mock Test

Assess your driving skills in a simulated practical driving test to better prepare for the actual exam with our team of qualified driving instructors and assessors who are former VTNZ testing officers.



Ideal for those with basic driving skills and little NZ driving experience.


Bundle Pack

Driving Assessment + Driving Lessons + Simulated Practical Test


Recommended for those who need more practice before test day.



Driving Lesson

Our lessons are delivered in a relaxed, understanding and culturally appropriate environment suitable for first-timers, re-takers, and for someone with language-barriers.

60-minute hands-on driving in a dual-controlled automatic car to put your New Zealand road code theory into action.  


  • Knowing your vehicle, Moving on the road and Parking skills
  • City Driving, Multi-lane Road and Roundabouts
  • Open Road and Driving to Conditions


  • Assessable Tasks  (ie observation skills, signalling, gap selection, following distance and lane position)
  • Common Critical Errors (from parking, changing lanes, roundabouts and speed)
  • Hazard Identification

Our qualified and highly-recommended driving instructors and mentors deliver the NZTA-approved modules with clarity and compassion. We have female instructors if requested and can match with instructors fluent in Filipino, Farsi, Hindi and Mandarin.

We have a network of volunteers to assist you during your lesson if you need language interpreters or a support person to accompany you in the car. Prior arrangement is needed.

"This organisation is staffed by a group of very caring people. Don't be afraid to ask for their assistance."

Mock Test

Know when you’re good enough to sit your actual practical driving test through our simulated driving test.

Expected to demonstrate your driving skills, ability to respond to your testing officer’s instruction while trying to drive correctly and safely in different road rules.

One hour session to assess driving skills and point out driving habits that needed to unlearn

The simulations of the practical driving exam are done in actual test routes in nearby testing centres (New Lynn, Westgate and North Shore).

Our mock test assessors are qualified driving instructors and a former test centre assessor. You will receive quality feedback and great encouragement in avoiding critical errors for your actual test day.  

We have a network of volunteers to assist you during the test day if you need language interpreters or a support person to accompany you during the exam.

"Joey was great, made me very relaxed about the test. Good to finally have my full!"
Finnbar Lee
2019 Passer

NZ Road Code
Refresher Course

PCDS offers a 2.5 hour coaching session of the New Zealand Road Code to help prepare you for the theory test. The NZ Road Code Refresher Course is held on a Saturday once every two months. Register your interest through the sign up sheet.